TASCA ..... The History.

Tasca was opened in May 1995 by Dan McMyler,a native of Ireland. Having seen the dining trends in Boston restaurantsmoving towards gargantuan portions especially in Italian eateries, McMylerdecided to go in the opposite direction , offering the little dishes ofSpain at affordable prices.
With the help of Paul Fox, formerly general manager of the renownedSpanish restaurant "Eldorado Petite" in Manhattan the conceptand menu was developed. It was at the Spanish stand at the Wine Expo inBoston
that they staggered into Chef BrendanGallagher, yet another Irishman. Hence Tasca was born.

By coincidence all three were residents of Brighton in west suburbanBoston so it was decided to open Tasca in their adopted "home town".Frustrated at the lack of affordable ethnic dining choices with qualitywine offerings a Spanish tapas tavern seemed the perfect choice in a neighborhoodrich with young people - natural grazers and restaurant eaters.

TAPAS.... The little dishes of Spain.

The style of Food known as Tapas is said to have originated in Andalucia.When Taverns were hot and humid flies would congregate and fall into GuestsSherry glasses, so the Bartender would cover the drink with a slice ofbread. In spanish the verb "to cover" is tapar.

Naturally enterprising Tasca(Tapas Tavern) owners began to put Anchovies,Tomato or Cheese on their bread and Tapas grew into a daily part of Spanishlife.

The rich tapestry of Spanish cooking is a result of influences fromRomans, Moors, Celts, and French using the abundance of foodstuffs availablethrough the busy Spanish Ports. Many items used today e.g. Salt Cod(Bacalao),Chorizo, Roasted Peppers came about as means of preserving foods and developedthrough the centuries. New foods were also introduced to Europe from Asia,India, and the Americas.

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