Meet TASCA's Chef.

Chef Brendan Gallaghen opened the kitchen of TASCA in the Spring of 1995 after a 12 month stint at Armani Cafe on Newbury Street.

Having graduated some years previously from the Dublin College of Catering , he arived in Boston, from Bilbao in the Basque

region of Northen Spain where he worked under the careful eye of chef Christina Madina. Gallagher excelled and indeed taught at the Hosteleria de Santurre, the premire culinary institute in Northen Spain.

From these beginings, Gallagher explored the Tascas (tapas taverns) and restaurants

of Pamplora, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.
It is from these travels and experiences that Gallagher ventured beyond the paella to uncover the rich diversity of Spanish cusine, which he brings to us through TASCA in his weekly recipes.
"To know a culture is to eat at it's table."

Chef Gallagher.

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