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Conde De Valdemar , Crianza 1993
By : Dan McMyler

Founded in 1889 the Martinez - Bujanda family winery has been producingfor over a century. Today the winery is one of the most technologicallyadvanced in the world. It is one of the few houses in the Rioja regionto use only estate grown fruit.

Made from a pleasant blend of tempranillo and mazuelo grapes, at around$8 a bottle the Conde De Valdemar Crianza is a real bargain.

The wine has a bright ruby color, is clean yet quite complex with wonderfulvanilla and plum / blackcherry tones in the nose. In the mouth the wineis quite bodied and rich but has a soft lingering finish which is becomingquite typical of newer style o f Riojas. Having spent sixteen months inoak ( six months longer than required for a Crianza in Rioja) the winehas a nifty balance between the aging and soft fruitiness.

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