Tasca Tapas Restaurant Brighton MA

asca Tapas Restaurant Brighton MAasca Tapas Restaurant Brighton MAasca Tapas Restaurant Brighton MAasca Tapas Restaurant asca Tapas Restaurant asca Tapas Restaurant

Tasca Tapas Restaurant

Tasca Tapas Restaurant


Selected reviews from Boston.com Arts&Entertainment

"This has to be one of the most charming and romantic restaurants in Boston. You have to try the braised beef shortribs and sizzling shrimp and the great sangria....."

"Have been going to Tasca for tapas for the past five years and over the course of time the place just seems to get better and better....."

"A truley welcoming place. I was on a first date and romance filled the air infuenced by the lighting and the live Spanish guitar music. The food flavor was outstanding. It is a gem in the neighborhood....."


Tasca Tapas Restaurant

Tasca Tapas Restaurant

Tasca Tapas Restaurant

Tasca Tapas Restaurant
Tasca Tapas Restaurant


"I Have just celebrated my fifth birthday in a row at Tasca and the place never disappoints. I find it perfect to bring a group as everyone can share and taste a large variety of food. It is one of the few places that just gets better and better. The same staff seem to be there forever and maybe thats the secret to their success. Try the traditional Spanish food such as boquerones, tortilla, gambas, morcilla and bacalao croquettes. The food is fancier than Tapas bars in Spain as most dishes come composed with a sauce, sometimes a starch and always a lot of LOVE! Love to bring out of towners here as it transports you away to sunny Spain....."

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I never had a night out like this where I did not have to spend big bucks to enjoy it all. Tasca has atmosphere, GREAT Food, entertainment... and the best part of all is that it is in my neighborhood and even I could afford to go....

Review from Pre Game Boston.Com

Taste the best Spanish tapas in town

Once upon a time, seven years ago to be exact, an immigrant from Ireland came to Boston and decided that its array of ethnic food was missing something. So, being Irish and all, he decided to cook up his favorite cuisine to add to the color of dining options in the area…tapas! ....

Zagat Resturant Survey 1999

With its "awesome tapas", "great wine" and "delightful atmosphere created by live guitar music", this "romantic, sexy" Brighton Spaniard provides patrons with "an escape to the Mediterranean"; the "new chef has a different style", but most report it "seems to just get better" and rave about "the most knowledgeable staff around."

Boston Magazine - Best of Boston 1999

Food & Restaurants -- Tapas
Taberna de Haro and Tasca (Tie) Even if the food at Taberna were lousy (and it most certainly isn't), you'd be too relaxed to care. From the décor to the gracious service to the fruity sangria that arrives in a big ceramic pitcher, this little tapas place lowers your blood pressure, just as an authentic Spanish taberna would. Raise it again with the veal sausage, or try the spinach, sautéed with pine nuts and raisins, or hot dishes (like garlic shrimp) that arrive sizzling in clay pots. The dishes are designed for sharing, and it's a good thing because the novel tastes are conversation starters. Add candlelight playing off whimsical wall frescoes and cozy tables spaced a healthy distance from one another and you've got Tasca, where that international language starts to spill from your lips (and we don't mean Esperanto). Oh, and the food is fantastic-Spanish tapas like gambas al ajillo (sizzling shrimp in garlic), jamsn Serrano (Spanish cured ham with extra virgin olive oil), and tortillas (traditional Spanish potato-and-onion omelets).
Tapas: 1612 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, 617-730-8002.

Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe 1996

Tasca is a moderately priced way to dine out since the tapas are more substantial than those sometimes found. Several versions of paella, the Spanish paean to its Arabic influences, are served. Chicken, chorizo, shrimp and vegetables were combined with vegetables in a pleasing mélange, rather mildly tasting of saffron. The rice was moist and the meat and seafood tender. Chef Brendan Gallagher avoids the pitfalls that bedevil paella.

Zagat Resturant Survey 1996

In a dense but restaurant-barren stretch on the Brighton, Brookline line, a group from Ireland has opened an inviting Spanish specializing in tapas; set on two levels, the polished floors shine, ceramic pitchers grace each table and small plates like octopus with potatoes, fried calamari and seafood in squid ink draw raves; main courses are hearty and the wine is a bargain, while night owls are happy to find the kitchen open until midnight on weekends.